The Specialty Food Association announced Gwell as the recipient of The Pop Up Grocer Fund. In the article, the company’s founder, Emily Schildt, explains:

"The mission of The Fund is to support the growth of founders for whom opportunities and resources are not equal. For example, 89 percent of new women-owned businesses started every day are founded by women of color. Yet, they only receive less than 1 percent of venture funding.” - Emily Schildt, Pop Up Grocer

Schildt continues by describing why Gwell was selected from a large number of applicants:

“From a pool of over 200 applicants, we narrowed our selection to early-stage brands with non-white founders, making consumer products we would be excited to put on our shelves. We felt that Gwell's products would not only delight our visitors, but also that it was best-suited to benefit from our specific package of cash and services.” - Emily Schildt, Pop Up Grocer

“Gwell founder Fawziyya Sugai left a career of more than 15 years in fashion to pursue her passion of making healthier options available to everyone. Gwell makes energy bites and superfood cookies, in Harlem, where food deserts are common. In addition, Sugai has used the business to support local organizations that expand access to education and work to improve food equity.” - Specialty Food Association

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