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  • ISSUE 9 Another reason to enjoy chocolate + What’s the deal with magnesium?

    In this issue, we’ll share some benefits of increasing your magnesium intake through food and supplements, how magnesium can improve overall health, and why a hot bath can change your mood.

  • ISSUE 8 We choose joy - a celebration of Black wellness

    We're celebrating Black wellness this week in Wellworthy. Keep scrolling to discover some of our favorite Black food and nutrition creators, resources to find community and support in wellness, and joy.
  • ISSUE 7 Building a Better Future: Stories of Hope in Health, Food, and Wellness

    Discover inspiring programs, studies, & organizations promoting change in food, wellness, and health. Empower yourself and others to make a difference in your everyday life.
  • ISSUE 6 - Small Steps, Big Changes: How 30 Minutes Can Transform Your Wellness

    Are you tracking your daily steps to improve your health? But did you know that the popular "10,000 steps a day" goal is mostly a marketing scheme? This week, we explore the science behind step tracking and discuss how to achieve health benefits with or without technology. We also examine the food industry's lack of progress in making healthier products and consider sustainable options for conscious eating. Studies show that as little as 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day can lead to significant health improvements, and that the biggest benefits come from increasing step counts from under 3,000 to 4-5,000 steps per day.
  • ISSUE 5 - New Year, Same You: Rediscovering Joy in Wellness

    In this week's newsletter, discover the joy and health benefits of cultural foods from your childhood, learn what your food cravings may be saying about your physical and mental health, and use mental time travel to build healthy habits that stick. Plus, find out why play and fun are crucial for overall wellness, and get tips for creating sustainable habits that align with your life and values. Join us on a journey to rediscover and reconnect with yourself in the new year.
  • ISSUE 4 - Tips for improving sleep quality 💤Rest easier this year

    Get the best sleep of your life with our collection of tips and articles on improving sleep quality. From the benefits of sleep-promoting foods like cherries, walnuts, and maca to the impact of meal timing and the importance of sleep in managing chronic illnesses, we've got you covered. We'll also discuss the prevalence of sleep deprivation in the US and offer relaxation techniques to help you wind down. Plus, learn about the potential benefits of hot water bathing for both physical and mental well-being. Don't miss out on the chance to get the restful sleep you deserve.
  • ISSUE 3 - Finding relief from chronic pain

    ISSUE 3 This week, we're focusing on chronic pain, a common and often debilitating condition that affects millions of people around the world. Chr...
  • ISSUE 2 - Why are we ALL so stressed

    ISSUE 2 Eight out of ten visitors to our site click on options that support calm or stress relief. We know why we are stressed, but why are we ALL...
  • ISSUE 1 - Keeping our community well is always newsworthy

    Introducing Wellworthy! Every week we'll be sharing newsworthy stories about often overlooked topics, underserved communities in food, health and wellness, and resources to learn more.
    Our goal is to increase exposure and knowledge of food, health and wellness topics within our community.
  • Issue 1 coming soon