5 Simple and Realistic Ways to Be More Active in Your Busy, Everyday Life

person walking pushing a stroller

Are you looking to add more activity to your everyday life, but not sure where to start? Some of these tips might easily fit into your life. From walking during phone calls and meetings, to taking a brain break with a quick dance session, these ideas might be the small steps you need to start feeling better.

We've also included some creative ways to make the most of your commute, so you can easily fit in some extra activity no matter how busy you are. Let us know how it goes adding more activity to your everyday life!

  1. Walk while talking on the phone or during meetings you don’t have to present or be present (lol you know the ones) in
  2. Give yourself a brain break. Try dancing, taking a lap around the building, walking your pet, walking while enjoying an afternoon snack.
  3. Get off the train/bus one stop earlier
  4. Walk the terminals in the airport instead of using moving walkways
  5. Watch your favorite show while doing cardio (treadmill, elliptical, stair master)
woman with short hair walking wearing a pink trench coats, jeans, and a green top. People walking in the background behind her are blurred.
Try some of our favorite snacks during your next walk break:



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