Finding Balance Within the Smarter Snacking Market Thanks To Gwell

In her recent article for DIELINE, Chloe Gordon discusses Gwell’s recent branding and packaging updates!

Gwell’s founder, Fawziyya Sugai, was the first-ever recipient of the Pop Up Grocer Fund, whose founder, Emily Schildt, is interviewed in this article, answering questions about her selection and the inspiration behind Gwell’s updates:

‘‘Regardless of where one is on their health journey, they want what they eat to bring them joy. Food is a pleasure, or it should be. So much of the approach of healthier packaged foods in the past has been about deprivation and restriction. … Now, across the board, brands are using their packaging to draw people in with optimism—vibrant colors, playful typography, illustrative characters, and language around added benefits. … we would love for good packaging design to be more accessible. That’s what we aim to do with The Fund—bridge the gap between the brilliant entrepreneurs with exceptional products and the resources they need to bring their ideas to life.’’ - Emily Schildt, Pop Up Grocer

Gordon also interviews Ink & Mortar’s Sharon M. Taylor, who designed Gwell’s new packaging in collaboration with Fawziyya, who states:

‘‘Our main goal was to bring clarity and cohesion to the brand while elevating the identity to align more with Gwell's vision for the future. … We set out to update the brand and packaging to feel warm, energetic, and elevated, but also align with Fawziyya's goals and stand out from competitors. … The original packaging had a window for the product, but it didn't allow the consumer to see the quality of the ingredients. We partnered with Aaron Bernstein of Hungry Boy to shoot the product photography and bring it to life, allowing us more room to share health benefits and Gwell's mission.’’ - Sharon M. Taylor, Ink & Mortar


Check out the article here to read a little more about Gwell’s revamped branding and the story behind it.

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