Feel Better, Do Better: Gwell's Small Business Saturday Guide to Wellness and Equity

Check out our shopping list of several great brands Gwell supports for Small Business Saturday! 


Diaspora Co.

Why we support them: Diaspora Co. sources spices from over 150 farms in South Asia, compensating their farming partners with a living wage that’s "an average of 6x above the commodity price." They value equitable trade, cultural connections and storytelling through food.

Kanda Chocolates

Why we support them: Kanda Chocolates ethically sources its cocoa beans entirely from Ghana because, even though Ghana is the world’s 2nd largest producer of cocoa, they only export less than 2% of processed chocolate. Kanda Chocolates helps bring awareness to the high quality of Ghanaian cocoa beans through their ethical sourcing and local Ghana manufacturing operations.


Why we support them: BIPOC Box features a wide variety of curated boxes that include products from Black, Indigenous, People of Color and Women-owned businesses. Through highlighting these specific demographics, BIPOC Box helps to expose buyers to equitable gift giving and quality products from communities of color. Make sure you use code THANKYOU22 for 15% off sitewide today!

Anjali’s Cup

Why we support them: Anjali’s Cup began from the founder’s, Anjali Bhargava, love of turmeric and watching her mother incorporate the magical powder in a variety of foods and drinks. Anjali’s Cup combines the powerful properties of turmeric with locally sourced and organically grown spices and ingredients such as ginger, saffron and chai to create their own specialty drink blends. 


iwi fresh

Why we support them: iwi fresh is a plant-based day spa and skincare line featuring products made with organic and natural ingredients. iwi fresh partners with local Atlanta area farms to source the freshest ingredients for their skincare products. From their Squash It Out Face Cleanser to their 14 Carrot Glow Face moisturizer, there are no ingredients included that cannot be pronounced and what you read on the label is exactly what you get. 

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