ISSUE 1 - Keeping our community well is always newsworthy

Welcome to our very first issue of Wellworthy. We've been dreaming this up for a while.

Too often we hear people say, why haven't I heard about that, or why wasn't that in the news? Sadly, many of the things that impact our well-being aren't always deemed newsworthy. We're here to change that. 

Every week we'll be sharing wellworthy stories about often overlooked topics, underserved communities in food, health and wellness, and resources to learn more.

Our goal is to increase exposure and knowledge of food, health and wellness topics within our community. 

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Gwell started with my own challenges related to PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids. Many in our community also struggle with chronic illnesses. This first issue is centered around environmental factors that can improve or exacerbate chronic illnesses and wellness.

The Rockefeller Foundation Invests $4.6 Million To Scale Food Is Medicine Initiatives in U.S.

50% of Americans suffer from diet related chronic illnesses, but only 20% adjust their diets. This gap is related to a multitude of factors including, income, access, and knowledge. They also struggle to find convenient foods that provide the functional benefits needed in flavors that resonate with who they are.

The Rockefeller Foundation has committed $4.6 million in grants for equitable and community-directed approaches to prevent, manage, and treat diet-related illnesses in the United States.

Check out the link for organizations you can connect with if you need support in adjusting your diet to support improved wellness.

Can fermented and prebiotic foods help to reduce stress and improve sleep?

"Researchers from APC Microbiome Ireland at the University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland say changing to a diet high in prebiotic and fermented foods can help lower a person’s perceived stress levels and improve sleep quality.

This study was recently published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. (Berding, K., Bastiaanssen, T.F.S., Moloney, G.M. et al. Feed your microbes to deal with stress: a psychobiotic diet impacts microbial stability and perceived stress in a healthy adult population. Mol Psychiatry (2022)."

10+ Things you need to do if you are #ttc in 2023

There's a long list of things we should have learned in our Sex Ed classes, so why not start here. While these tips from Dr. Arumala are centered around people trying to conceive, many of them also apply to everyone. As we begin starting families later and later, it's time to consider how we can support our bodies regardless of whether or not we intend to conceive.

When it comes to your wellness its time for brands to get specific

Its impossible to argue that the definition of wellness is incredibly unclear. Today consumers see right through this and they are responding to brands who support their specific needs.

Check this out, if you're looking for language to describe what you're looking for in a product to meet your needs. 

First study to examine relationship between straightener use and uterine cancer

Is there really a connection between what we use on our hair and how it impacts our bodies? A big part of the natural hair movement was about using more natural products and shying away from harmful chemicals. At the time, there wasn't abundant research to support it. This study is centered around chemical straighteners, but it encourages us to more closely examine how other products we use might impact our health.

Need a pick me up?

This sound has us in a chokehold. We never thought we'd be saying this, but Snoop Dogg's affirmations for kids is gold! Check it out here and on Tik tok.

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